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Special box transport

From: Date:2019-06-05

Special box transport

Along with the China machinery manufacturing industry in the world more and more rapid growth and development, as a long-term commitment to the equipment and construction machinery, vehicles, boats and other large goods transportation logistics enterprises, has become a special container transport service advantage of the characteristics of our professional logistics personnel, can provide different solutions for large transport your goods. After many years of accumulation and development, we have accumulated rich experience in transportation for long, wide, high, heavy equipment and construction machinery, vehicles, boats and other transportation, from the design - Transport Scheme - transport loading goods packaging - factory delivery - road transport - incasement and solid - - customs inspection the ship lifting - destination delivery of special container transport can provide a one-stop service for you.

Special box of the actual operation of marine attention

1, the definition of OOG?

OOG called OUT OF GAUGE (super size container), mainly refers to the shipment of goods over sized open top flat plate box; special box in the import and export of various aspects of the practitioners are familiar with; with the increase of equipment and large machinery import and export, special counters bear the important mission of the term special delivery; the cabinet has gradually been familiar to us, now the owner has a special team to undertake special want to hire the goods, including open top peace plate to special box (frame box) as the main products of Qingdao Yirong international logistics limited advantage slowly emerged, due to the scarcity of its resources, there are special container shipping many non-standard place, there is a certain risk of customers in the selection of partners; the same ship company in the selection of downstream booking agency partners are relatively cautious Heavy.

2, special box inquiry need to let customers know what information?

There is a big difference between the inquiry of special cases and the inquiry of common cases. The shipowner should quote the shipper, the goods form, the size of the goods and the weight of the goods. Customers in the inquiry, you can also contact the agency to understand the special box shipping costs required to provide the basic information for more in-depth understanding of information.
At the same time the inquiry should also remember the total size of the packing of the goods, and the goods weight and delivery period for goods size is too large and uneven weight, but also to provide product engineering drawings so that the shipping company can determine whether the carrier. Because the special container freight is CASE BY CASE, according to the special case of goods corresponding to the size, the standard size or flat open top box, by the competent department of the headquarters of the shipping company's approval, so ordinary box price can not fully reflect the special container freight, CASE BY CASE for the final price before shipment.

3, the transport of special cases in the operation of the process which need to pay attention to?

What precautions or large transportation equipment most people are most concerned about the transport operation, special containers during operation needs a clear plan and to anticipate, the slightest mistake will result in incalculable losses, or even delay the delivery date of the customer that the consequences are more serious. Several factors related to the normal transportation of special container is special containers and special containers offer provided cabinet, special container cargo lashing reinforcement, special container trailers, special box cabinet, customs declaration, inspection and so on. Binding reinforcement needs a professional team to operate, each shipping company for cargo lashing reinforcement requirements are not the same, in the aspects of risk cabinet is the largest, often because some of the details that are not needed or even delay the cabinet, involving goods; ultra wide high lead to difficult issues such as customs clearance customs clearance also more cumbersome. In addition, the special box is also very cumbersome inspection, according to the complexity of these links, there must be a professional team and a strong predictability of the line, can not have a bit of luck!

4, when the goods are out of range, is the choice of loading in the factory or delivery to the dock yard loading?

When the goods exceeds the limit, many freight forwarders and shippers have considered, in the end is factory loading? Or send the goods to the dock yard to install it? Need to make a choice from several aspects, first, the height of the goods plus the cabinet floor thickness and trailer frame height is beyond the scope of the highway limit. Second, the factory is handling and binding reinforcement and experience large bulky goods road transportation? Third, is there a professional team of specialized boxes that can be answered on these factors? If you are not sure, you don't stand for experiments, it is most probably it did not actually happen to us, not professional and luck will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble and loss to you, some choices will bring irreparable trouble to you.

5, the special case of goods for the road transport of the corresponding planning?

In the open top container shipping and delivery (delivery of flat box frame cabinet) when roads are often encountered in some sections is limited, the maximum height of 5 meters, Luqiao some 4.5 metres high, there are many small high countermeasures for road limit, in accordance with the high size of several ways, the first super less you can choose the frame of 1.4 meters, or through the hole in the tire will limit Takahashi let some air; second super more, can choose low chassis, low chassis car is 80 centimeters high, 60 centimeters high, and lower; third kinds of super lot, can the goods will be directly mounted on the lower floor, pulled to the pier in the vicinity of the warehouse or for loading and unloading site after the first mention of the empty, then loading lashing reinforcement, and also the cabinet to the yard. All in all, be sure to choose a safer approach between ambiguities.

6, the special case of additional fees and general box what are the differences?

Special type surcharge box with ordinary box is slightly different, such as special container delivery to the yard was overrun in cabinet or yard, waiting fee will be charged and lifting fees, typically 1300 to 1800/ cabinet range, each ship company and every yard fees have some difference, because of the recent part the yard is the port authority of the shares, the cost of the standard also began to change, before waiting fee and lifting fees not because of how much to change the size limit, now the situation is different, if less than 1 meters high or super Zuo Chao right within 50 cm fee or as before, 1300 to 1800 yuan / the cabinet range, but if more than the cost, an extra 800 yuan low.

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