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Food import
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    Service Introduction

    Provide import and export rights for imported food customers, food delivery, special agent qualification documents (automatic import license), international transportation, customs clearance, domestic label design record, free consultation etc..

    Service commitment

    • 1: normal documents 5 working days of customs clearance (goods to the port of seven working days to provide customs clearance documents).

    • 2: to provide food label design, audit, filing, and ensure that 100% through.

    • About 3:10 days to obtain food hygiene certificate, special circumstances can be expedited.

    service value

    Import customs clearance


    Complete qualification

    Food import business qualification, food consignee, food circulation permit, etc..


    More than 5 years working experience in import and export customs clearance team.

    Peace of mind service

    Provide one-stop service for import agent.

    Value added services

    Pre inspection of the label, pre entry documents, free import information and other value-added services.

    Scope of service

    01: Pasta category: pasta, noodles, etc.

    02: edible oil: peanut oil, olive oil and other animal fats and oils, etc.

    03: dairy products: cream, condensed milk and other dairy products to food

    04: the general consumption of food: canned food, sweets, biscuits, chocolate, coffee, etc.

    05: nuts: cashews, pecans and macadamia nuts etc.

    06: drink: various liquid beverages, such as carbonated drinks, carbonated drinks, fruit drinks, mineral water, malted milk etc.

    07: Drinks: distilled spirits, wine, wine, such as brandy, wine, beer, Wine

    08: condiments: soy sauce, sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate and other seasonings etc.

    09: special services: wine, dairy products, small packaged food, beverages, food raw materials, food additives

    Service case

    One case: stepped in, five days to complete the work of food storage!

    A well-known state-owned enterprises in Shandong, the integration of foreign resources import food business in the economic transformation of traditional market shrinking, due to the lack of experience, in time for the import agent company to find a very well-known logistics enterprises (state-owned enterprises, the main shipping business, under the customs inspection and warehousing), the two container food to Hong Kong after more than three months before the goods, when customers find our hurry, our operating personnel through the communication with customer, analysis of the audit documentation, five minutes to find the reason of the problems, after a day of label redesign, after finishing production of documents, to re submit the Inspection Bureau the declaration, only five days to complete the audit, inspection, customs clearance, label trial work, and will be finished goods storage, our professional technical staff table Now get the customer affirmation. Do not remind the majority of customers in the selection of food import agent, the blind pursuit of "big", many shipping companies have set up under the customs inspection departments, these departments at the exit also no problem, once the food import customs clearance involves complex are incapable of action in the choice of food; the import agents must be under investigation this company is enough "special", rich experience is not rich, so as not to professional agency customers resulting in unnecessary losses.

    Case two: professional services for customers to recover losses!

    A Korean restaurant group first opened stores in China, catering for the requirements of the quality of the raw materials, all the ingredients and spices are need to be imported from South Korea, due to customer China import customs clearance policy does not understand and initial operation, plus a container filled with 63 kinds of food seasoning, some food shelf life only 45 days, remove the foreign production, transportation and storage time for the arrival of the goods at the Chinese when the shelf life of only more than and 20 days, if the normal food clearance time to operate it is likely to lead the expired food to cause great economic loss, our customers hand printed invoices, box single and 63 name label specimen, immediately according to the actual situation of this shipment for customers one comb, finishing the import basis, with the fastest time will be The audit documents available through the label design, finishing, like on the shelves of goods by the Commodity Inspection Bureau arranged in good order, and leadership consultation, take special, urgent customs clearance detection to restore the loss for customers. By this time our high quality professional service, so that their quality of service and delicious food to Chinese characteristics, then customers will be handed over to the business of imported food all our agent, so that customers have more time and energy on their good food, save manpower and cost for customers.

    Common problem

    Imported food are required to provide documents abroad?>>>

    Need foreign official issued:

    Certificate of origin, health certificate and analysis report,

    Packing list, invoice, contract,

    Bill of lading and original color label.

    What is the customs clearance process for imported biscuits?>>>

    Simple process is:

    Consignor: pre inspection inspection record label declaration - - -

    Sampling inspection - issuing health certificate - commodity inspection release.

    What are the requirements of domestic food companies for imported food?>>>

    Receiving the business license of the company must have a food business scope,

    Must be in the Commodity Inspection Bureau for food consignee,

    There is a food circulation permit, imported food in issue

    Health certificate must be stored in the Commodity Inspection Bureau designated food records.

    We do not know how to do food labels?>>>

    I have a one-time import of hundreds of small package of food

    Operating experience, so the national requirements for the label is very

    Familiar with food labeling

    Service. In addition, we can also provide labeling and labeling services.

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First Link International Logistics(Qingdao)Co., Ltd

Telephone: 0532-66775386


Company address: two Zhangzhou road Qingdao City, No. 19 International Building room 15 building A

URL: http://www.yihailian.com/



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