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Peanut agent import
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Peanut agent import

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    Service Introduction

    Provide door-to-door, port to port logistics customs clearance service, foreign export declaration, international transportation, customs clearance, commodity inspection, inspection within 24 hours door-to-door delivery and warehousing, customs clearance consulting for imported peanuts customers.

    Service commitment

    • 1: normal documents 3-5 working days of customs clearance (goods to the port before the seven working days to provide customs clearance documents).
    • 2: provide the pre inspection of the customs clearance documents, and ensure the safety clearance of 100%.
    - 3:7 days to obtain a quarantine certificate, special circumstances can do urgent!

    service value

    import clearance



    More than 5 years working experience in customs clearance, no customs record.

    Peace of mind service

    The lump sum way clearance, reduce the risk of import, and provide door-to-door service.

    Value added services

    Import documents pre examination, free import information and other value-added services.

    Service case

    Case 1: rich experience for customers to save clearance time
    I company of a company in Shanghai, 30 containers of peanut customs clearance declaration found the price is lower than the market price of the same period in the examination of documents, is expected to meet customs valuation, then notify customers in advance ready price information required. The declaration did experience of customs valuation, my company in the Customs personnel on site audit data submitted in the first time, the trial procedure is completed with the fastest speed, to ensure customs clearance customs clearance time, save the cost for the customer.

    Common problem

    Imported peanuts are required to provide documents abroad:
    Foreign official issued: Certificate of origin, certificate of fumigation, phytosanitary certificate, packing list, invoices, and contracts, bills of lading.
    Can we enjoy the duty-free policy of importing peanuts?
    Most of the countries that export peanut can enjoy preferential tariff policy with the certificate of origin, we can consult with our professional and technical personnel before the import operation.

    How to import the general packaging of peanuts, transport process need to pay attention to what?
    The general use of imported peanuts woven bags or gunny bags, specifications are 50KG/ package, so more convenient handling. Transport process can be moisture-proof, in order to avoid the rapid rise of Aspergillus flavus.
    How to deal with imported peanuts in case of commodity inspection?
    There are two kinds of methods for the inspection of the commodity inspection:
    1 the test result of waiting area for inspection.
    2 sampling inspection of the goods shipped to the warehouse, waiting for the results of the test in the warehouse, the results are immediately out of the quarantine certificate and then arrange a library.

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First Link International Logistics(Qingdao)Co., Ltd

Telephone: 0532-66775386


Company address: two Zhangzhou road Qingdao City, No. 19 International Building room 15 building A

URL: http://www.yihailian.com/



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