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Chemical import
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Chemical import

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    Service Introduction

    Accept the domestic consignee entrusted with chemicals import agent for customers all in one service, services include: provide import and export rights, chemical classification, international transportation, customs clearance, commodity inspection, customs inspection, pay customs inspection, import customs clearance, delivery and other domestic.

    Service commitment

    • 1: efficient clearance: normal 3-5 working days customs clearance.
    • 2: experienced: provide customs clearance documents pre audit services, and ensure that the adoption of 100%.
    • 3: professional services: one on one to develop import solutions, hand tracking.
    - 4: save time: nip in the bud, if there is clearance for the first time to solve the problem.

    Value added services

    • 1: free service: free consulting service before import, free of charge for import.
    • 2: security services: free pre classified, HS coding confirmation.
    - 3: worry service: all problems we solve in the process of customs clearance.
    • 4: professional services: for you to save up to 30% of the cost of import customs clearance.

    Scope of service

    Common chemicals:

    Industrial raw materials, chemical products, daily chemicals, dyes and coatings, reagents, information chemicals, food additives, adhesives, catalysts etc..
    Dangerous chemicals:
    Flammable, spontaneous combustion, explosive, toxic, corrosive and other dangerous chemicals.

    Service case

    One case: stepped in, 2 days fast customs clearance
    The background of cooperation: a bio pharmaceutical company in Beijing to purchase a number of chemical raw materials, due to a wide range of products, the company classified customs clearance complex, freight carrier to timely customs clearance, the goods remain high port the port charges. In the case of Customs ordered the company to clear customs clearance, to find our company to assist customs clearance agent. After a detailed communication with customers, we understand that not only the product classification error, the chemicals are volatile need security documents, in addition to professional storage of dangerous goods.
    Solution: Division I stepped in, with years of operating experience, to mobilize resources, arrange follow-up, each part of the scene the first time to do the work of docking. Finally, we completed the customs clearance work in 2 days and successfully delivered to the customer factory, to ensure the smooth production. The excellent operation of the whole process has also been recognized by the customs, commodity inspection and enterprise.

    Common problem

    Chemical import documents required? > > >

    Basic documents required: packing list, invoice, contract, bill of lading, customs clearance process also need to provide the label and ingredient list.

    How to ensure the accuracy of customs clearance documents? > > >

    By the company's professional documents audit staff in advance of the electronic version of the document pre audit, to determine no problem, and then sent by the original foreign shipping company.

    Whether all the chemicals are required to do the inspection? > > >

    Chemicals into law seized illegally seized chemicals and chemicals, chemicals illegally seized no need inspection. All dangerous goods belong to the legal goods are required to do inspection.

    Customs clearance customs valuation encountered in the process of how to do? > > >

    Price is a normal process of customs clearance process, if the price only need to provide the original purchase contract and the payment certificate, we can communicate with the customs.

    How to determine the common chemicals or dangerous goods? > > >

    The name you can provide a chemical composition, we have professional staff to help you confirm.

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First Link International Logistics(Qingdao)Co., Ltd

Telephone: 0532-66775386


Company address: two Zhangzhou road Qingdao City, No. 19 International Building room 15 building A

URL: http://www.yihailian.com/



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