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Timber import
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Timber import

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    Basic operation flow:

    The signing of import agency contract to import enterprises to provide information, confirm the customs import tariff, encoding and confirm the need for non endangered species, that forest (confirm foreign goods are all ready, booking, loading), and shipping to Hong Kong to pay the freight, shipping transfer, inspection, customs clearance and single trial price a tax, customs valuation, pay taxes, customs inspection, fumigation, tank, release the goods dock drag ark (disinfection time is 30 minutes, the queue, delivery, disinfection) delivery to the designated place at home

    Two, the time required for work:

    1 to the bill of lading for a single, half a day

    2 (or at the same time) in advance of the commodity inspection, commodity inspection, 2 days

    3 customs declaration, release, 1 days

    4 port haulage, queuing arrangements disinfection quarantine, sanitary treatment, 2--15 days

    5 signatures, delivery from the port, half a day

    (the above is the working day loss of the general work, with the specific work arrangement

    Three, the import of wood is required documents:

    Certificate of origin and phytosanitary certificate, fumigation certificate, memo, commercial invoice, packing list, trade contract, bill of lading.

    Imported mahogany, also need to apply for import license species, endangered timber species need to apply for an endangered species, need to provide CETES

    Marine bill of lading consignee is your head, please provide a single power of attorney and bill of lading endorsement

    Four, wood import tax:

    13% logs, wood veneer 17%, 20.5%.

    Five, log import customs declaration customers are most concerned about what?

    How long does it take for 1 logs from Africa to South America? Does it affect the weight of the product?

    2 based on the buyer is not at the scene of the factors, if the volume of documents and the actual volume of errors, how to deal with?

    3 Certificate of origin and disinfection and quarantine certificate, lost in the middle, will be how to deal with?

    How to apply for 4 days 14-21 import terminal free cabin lease?

    5 how do you charge for the loss of the different shipping companies?

    6 I'm worried about the current price and the purchase price is too far?

    7 can a batch of goods import port, transportation, port fees all the detailed list?

    8 if the cabinet is large, can we have the logistics service?

    9 If I am in the middle of the traders, your company can act directly to the domestic consignee?

    10 log market price fluctuations, how do I control my import turnover time?

    Six, the advantages of the import of goods should have the elements

    1 at various ports have a wealth of timber, logs, wood products import operation experience.

    Customs import pricing 2 accurate customer inquiries related to the South American, African wood

    3 be able to deal with the packing list, invoice and so on.

    4 able to provide customers with fast disinfection, fumigation and quarantine work through reasonable requests.

    5 save dock fee, fee, convenient cabinet the fastest time of delivery.

    Seven: import agency fee advances the approximate cost of logistics

    1 for a single fee -- dock fee -- rent changzufei cabinet,

    2 agents seized customs clearance fee - customs agent - commodity inspection agent - quarantine disinfection

    3 check the cabinet (depending on whether there is additional procedures and inspection):

    4 port charges: the value of goods of 5/10000

    5 inspection fee: 3/1000 / ticket.

    Note: at present, China's imports of logs commonly used are: Canada Canada Wood beech, white elephant, African mahogany, African pear, Benin Cotonou sub rosewood and Guyana Mozambique lobular red sandalwood, chestnut, red and white oak, North American walnut, Thailand rubber wood, Indonesia wave Rogge and so on.

    General trade declaration:

    1 orders: to check the documents are complete and accurate documents received documents: Bill of lading certificate of origin phytosanitary certificate, memo

    2 change sheet

    After receiving a full set of documents to the customer, to find out which of the import of goods belonging to the shipping company which carrier, which as a shipping agent, where can be replaced for customs clearance of the bill of lading. To see why the bill of lading forms of the original bill of lading or general instructions for telex release bill of lading or bill of lading bill of lading and the corresponding endorsement, endorsement by the bill of lading to the corresponding ship / shipping for our bill of lading!

    When we receive the notice of arrival of the shipping company, we have to add the correct Chinese customs declaration information to the shipping company (it is better to have a complete set of documents, and the error rate is relatively small)

    3 inspection

    Require inspection of entrustment, to check whether the information is complete and accurate, that wood is the most phytosanitary certificate and certificate of origin information on whether or not the error such as certificate of origin phytosanitary certificate may apply for fumigation, but to the Secretary for approval, inspection after accounting to the customs clearance. Nansha Guangzhou port wood logs wood side import agent inspection clearance

    4 customs declaration

    Customs clearance: Bill of lading of single box and invoice, contract, customs proxy data sent to the customs, the customs declaration documents to the customs, after delivery, if the verification center based on the back and send it back (usually for the purposes specification class). A situation which is the price that we offer the transfer center trial of low prices need to re valuation. There are three kinds of situations have:


    (2) according to the customs price

    (3) the price negotiated by both parties

    The price after a tax tax audit tax customs clearance.

    Could not agree on price, you can use the margin of the first clearance, to determine the price after the issuance of tax bill, Duotuishaobu

    Do not release the customs surveillance inspection (inspection rate is about 30%) check the goods after the release!

    5 release

    Take the release of the ship to the Secretary of the cabinet to mention all the bills must be settled, the need to pay a deposit to pay a deposit, Trailer delivery!

    Wood imports need to pay attention to the problem:

    Imported timber and Chinese Latin name, this is related to the customs valuation.

    Different name of wood to choose the appropriate port of entry

    Wood imports are 0 tariff, logs, wood furniture, value-added tax is different, the value of the *13% log:: *17%) the value of timber wood furniture

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First Link International Logistics(Qingdao)Co., Ltd

Telephone: 0532-66775386


Company address: two Zhangzhou road Qingdao City, No. 19 International Building room 15 building A

URL: http://www.yihailian.com/



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