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Biscuit import
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Biscuit agent import

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    Service Introduction

    Provide import and export rights for the import of leisure food biscuits customers, food delivery qualification, international transportation, customs clearance, domestic record label design, free information etc.

    Service commitment

    • 1: normal documents in 5 working days of customs clearance (goods to the port in the first seven working days to provide customs clearance documents).
    2: to provide food label design, audit, filing, and ensure that the adoption of 100%.
    • 3: provide pre verification of the customs clearance documents and ensure that 100% pass.
    • 4: Commodity Inspection and inspection can be issued within second days after the health certificate.

    service value

    import clearance


    Complete qualification

    Food import business qualification, food consignee, food circulation permit, etc.


    More than 5 years working experience in import and export customs clearance team.

    Peace of mind service

    Provide one-stop service for import agent.

    Value added services

    Pre inspection of the label, pre entry documents, free import information and other value-added services.

    Service case

    Food case one: witness the strength of strength
    A trading company in Qingdao for the first time European imports of biscuits, cookies because of compound food typical, composition is complex and contains a variety of food additives, which increases the risk to the import customs clearance, after the customer to find my company, my company of professional technical staff through communication and customer inquiries and provide the shipper's report on foreign components the content, timely remind customers of all kinds of food additives requirements and add restrictions in the delivery after the pre audit all customs clearance documents, promptly corrected documents mistakes, to ensure the clearance of the goods at the port of destination smoothly, after only 5 days to complete the customs clearance warehousing work, strive for the valuable clearance time for customers, but also reduces the cost of imports.

    Common problem

    Need to provide foreign imported biscuits which documents: > > >
    Need to be issued by the foreign official: Certificate of origin, health certificate and composition analysis report, as well as case, invoice, contract, bill of lading and the original color label.
    What is the customs clearance process for imported biscuits? > > >
    Simple process is:
    Consignor: pre - inspection inspection record label - declaration - Sampling - health certificate issued by the commodity inspection, release.

    What are the requirements for imported goods to domestic receiving companies? > > >
    The receipt of business license of the company must have a food business scope, the consignee must have food record in the Commodity Inspection Bureau, food distribution license, imported food must be stored in a food record library appointed by the Commodity Inspection Bureau before the health certificate issued by.
    What are the requirements of imported seafood to foreign export companies? > > >
    Foreign shipping companies / production enterprises must be registered in China Certification committee.

    We do not know how to do food labels? > > >
    Division I has a one-time import of hundreds of small packaged food operation experience, so the national requirements of the label is very familiar with, can provide food labeling service. In addition, we can also provide labeling and labeling services.
    What are some of the imported biscuits? > > >
    1, the composition of biscuits is more complex, the need to confirm the composition of the ingredients before the importation of the country there is no ban on imports of ingredients.
    2, most cookies contain egg ingredients, before the import export country is not to confirm the avian flu epidemic area.

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First Link International Logistics(Qingdao)Co., Ltd

Telephone: 0532-66775386


Company address: two Zhangzhou road Qingdao City, No. 19 International Building room 15 building A

URL: http://www.yihailian.com/



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