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Fishery import
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Fishery import

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    Service Introduction

    Provide import and export rights for the import of frozen seafood seafood customers receiving qualification, import program customization, special agent documents (animal and plant inspection and quarantine permits), international transportation, customs clearance, label design record, free consultation, frozen storage, delivery and other schools at home.

    Service commitment

    • 1: normal documents 3-5 working days of customs clearance (goods to the port before the seven working days to provide customs clearance documents).
    • 2: provide label design, audit, and ensure that the adoption of 100%.
    3:7 working days for aquatic health certificate, special circumstances can be expedited.

    service value

    import clearance


    Complete qualification

    Seafood import business qualification, seafood, food circulation permit, etc..


    More than 5 years working experience in import and export customs clearance team.

    Peace of mind service

    Provide one-stop service for import agent.

    Value added services

    Import program development, pre inspection of labels, import documents pre examination, free import information and other value-added services.

    Scope of service

    - 01: fish: Pomfret, yellow croaker, hairtail, eel, COD, sardines, tuna, halibut, sole, sole etc..
    - 02: Frozen Shrimp: shrimp, lobster, Arctic sweet shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, spotted peony shrimp, crayfish, sea tiger shrimp etc..
    - 03: Frozen Crab: crab, crab, snow crab, crab, red crab, crab, crab and other bread.
    - 04: Seaweed: seaweed, seaweed, seaweed, Eucheuma, asparagus, Sargassum, seaweed and so on.
    - 05: fish by-products: fish, fish head, neck, fins, fish, fish, fish steak etc..
    - 06: drink: all kinds of liquid beverage such as carbonated drinks, carbonated drinks, fruit drinks, mineral water, malted milk etc.

    - 07: other seafood (dry): squid, cuttlefish, oyster (dry), Scallop in Shell, conch, crab, shrimp, crab, fish and other seafood products.

    Service case

    One case: near misses, forget nearly returned overseas labeling!

    With the decline of the export boom, a large foreign trade enterprises in Qingdao gradually shifted from export business import. After a comprehensive consideration of the domestic market and foreign resources, the target will be locked in: frozen seafood. After two months of investigation by the market selection, professional service, and the price appraisal finally chose our company as its agent import service providers, because customers choose import agent services more stringent, delayed operation process, took the job in our company already has a number of days when the goods ready to be sent to the our packing, our staff took over after the follow-up process found serious problems of this batch of goods are: to ensure that no label, no label in English, typical of the three products, we found the problem immediately in accordance with the national standards for customers to design the label, and to assist customers to contact foreign exporters marking labeling. After 36 hours of fighting transnational, finally catch up before the ship finished 26500 boxes of frozen seafood labeling work, ensure that the goods delivered successfully. Some people may be thinking: no labeling is a trivial matter, the goods arrived at the port of destination and then not on the list? Here is easy to tell you that it is not easy. After the arrival of the goods at the dock, the customs will open the seal box inspection. If the imported seafood packaging without any mark, the Commodity Inspection Bureau will be identified as "three noes" of products, be returned or destroyed. Here, Qingdao Yi Hai Lian reminded seafood importers in numerous matters, must do the inspection before delivery, timely contact with our company related operators to goods to Hong Kong after the "zero problems".

    Common problem

    What documents are needed for imported seafood? > > >

    1, non farming fishing: the need for foreign official issued the certificate of origin, fishing Certificate (certificate of inspection and Quarantine of aquatic products / health certificate / health card), packing list, invoice, contract, bill of lading.
    2, artificial aquaculture seafood: foreign data unchanged, importers need to apply in advance "animal and plant inspection and quarantine permit".

    What is the process of customs clearance of imported food? > > >

    The process is simple: the consignor for pre - Inspection - Inspection - label declaration - Sampling - health certificate issued by the commodity inspection, release.

    What are the requirements for domestic seafood receiving company? > > >

    The receipt of business license of the company must have a food business scope, the consignee must have food record in the Commodity Inspection Bureau, food distribution license, imported seafood seafood must be stored in the record library appointed by the Commodity Inspection Bureau before the health certificate issued by.

    What are the requirements of imported seafood to foreign export companies? > > >

    Foreign shipping companies / production enterprises must be registered in China Certification committee.

    Is there any national restrictions on seafood imports? > > >

    Not all seafood are allowed to import, seafood imports in addition to the need to confirm the export of qualified, while the need to confirm the access to seafood qualification. Only in the latest update of the China National Aquatic products catalog, the corresponding products can be imported.

    Seafood imports what matters? > > >

    Most of the imports of seafood in the form of bulk packaging carton imports, although different from the general pre packaged food, but also need to import in accordance with the requirements of the Commodity Inspection Bureau on the packaging affixed to clear, easy to identify the Chinese logo. It landed three products in processing.

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First Link International Logistics(Qingdao)Co., Ltd

Telephone: 0532-66775386


Company address: two Zhangzhou road Qingdao City, No. 19 International Building room 15 building A

URL: http://www.yihailian.com/



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