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Agricultural products
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Agricultural products

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    Service Introduction

    To provide import and export rights for the import of agricultural commodities Hailian customers, agricultural products delivery, special qualification documents (animal and plant inspection and quarantine permits), international transportation, customs inspection, commodity inspection, inspection of domestic import warehousing, consulting and other services.

    Service commitment

    • 1: normal documents 5 working days of customs clearance (goods to the port of seven working days to provide customs clearance documents).

    • 2: to provide customs clearance documents pre audit, and ensure 100% safety clearance;

    • 3:7 days to issue a quarantine certificate, special circumstances can do urgent.

    service value

    import clearance

    Acting import, import customs clearance one-stop serviceTHE IMPORTED AGENT SERVICES


    More than 5 years working experience in customs clearance, no customs record.

    Peace of mind service

    The lump sum way clearance, reduce the risk of import, and provide door-to-door service;

    Value added services

    Import documents pre examination, free import consulting and other value-added services.

    Scope of service

    • List of major agricultural imports:

    • Peanuts: importing countries: the United States, Argentina, Ethiopia, Senegal, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma

    • Sesame: allow the import countries: India, Mexico, Thailand, Kenya, Uganda, Korea, Japan, Laos, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, Vietnam, Tanzania, Egypt, Ethiopia, Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Togo, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Sultan, Somalia, Turkey, Guatemala, Venezuela, Gambia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Garner, Kampuchea, Cameroon, Mali, the United States, Mozambique, Bangladesh, Burma, Niger, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Taiwan

    • Cottonseed: importing countries: the United States, Australia, India, Pakistan, Burma

    • Pea:

    Dry peas allow importing countries: Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Burma, Poland, the United States, Holland, France, India, South Africa

    Fresh peas allow importing countries: Belgium, Canada, Hungary, New Zealand, Poland, the United States, Japan

    • Other major agricultural products: soybeans, DDGS, wheat, corn, etc.

    Service case

    Case 1: timely change the document, a one-time tariff reduction of 360 thousand

    A company in Shanghai once imported 26 containers of Togo sesame, find our customers before the goods to Hong Kong has not more than a month of normal clearance, and had produced nearly 10 more than the box to fee, our staff to communicate with customers, find the cause of the problem is of foreign origin issued by the customs shall not permit approval, we found the problem after the timely communication with customs and received the first letter of guarantee for customs work, at the same time, the certificate will be returned to Togo, during which the customs work abroad and modify certificate at the same time, a week after the foreign according to our proposal to change the good customs work certificate, and also the basic end, received a certificate of origin the official issued by the customs according to the provisions of the state to dispense with the tariff of 360 thousand yuan, saving the cost of imports for customers.

    Common problem

    Import bulk agricultural products are required to provide documents abroad:

    Foreign official issued a certificate of origin and phytosanitary certificate: Certificate of fumigation, and packing list, invoice, contract, bill of lading etc..

    What is the process of customs clearance of imported agricultural products?

    Simple process is:

    Consignor: foreign shipment inspection record - - - Sampling - issued by the customs inspection and quarantine certificate of clearance inspection. Sampling inspection - issuing health certificate - commodity inspection release.

    Import of agricultural products can be exempted from tariffs?

    Bulk agricultural products are not exempt from tariffs, in general, more than 90% of African countries are exempt from tariffs, only to pay the value-added tax can be.

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First Link International Logistics(Qingdao)Co., Ltd

Telephone: 0532-66775386


Company address: two Zhangzhou road Qingdao City, No. 19 International Building room 15 building A

URL: http://www.yihailian.com/



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